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adversaries/comrades, a poetry pamphlet


I am delighted to be working with The Student Wordsmith on adversaries/comrades a poetry pamphlet based on the theme of siblings.

sibling (noun)

Each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.

The relationship between siblings is explored in adversaries/comrades. From the games, jokes and confusions of childhood, to the rivalries and tensions of growing up and the secrets and confidences shared between adults. Siblings often enjoy longstanding relationships that are frequently enduring. This pamphlet celebrates the tenacity of siblings.

Ian Stephen writer of poetry and prose provides a foreword (an extract appears below):

Most writers, in any genre, take a while to build up their skills and maybe a bit longer to learn that the holding back is part of that skill-set. For me, Gail has an intuitive grasp of that already. More, she has a very clear eye and the poems come over as felt but honest. The sentiment is expressed but wit is permitted:

‘You can’t do maths on my half-sister because she’s whole to me.’

Ian Stephen

Ian’s most recent book Waypoints (Bloomsbury) combines memoir with poetry and stories retold.

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