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Support for Writers

With over eight years of experience as a published writer, a PhD in creative writing and substantial workshop facilitation skills, Gail is happy to deliver workshops in schools, colleges and community settings. She is a visiting tutor at Arts University Bournemouth and can deliver input in the following areas or she can customise provision according to your specific needs including one-to-one support. To find out more contact Gail by emailing

Session Details
Voice With a special focus on children’s voices in adult fiction: strategies and techniques
  • Who speaks/tells? (Who plays the role of the narrator?)
  • Who sees?(Through whose eyes do we see the action?)
  • Who listens?(Who is the audience?)
Understanding and using Psychic Distance …the distance the reader feels between himself [or herself] and the events in the story

The Art of Fiction, John Gardner

Blogging How to reach a large, diverse audience through blogging
Improv for script writing A practical session to develop a five-minute play script
Travel Writing A study of travel writing with a focus on Bruce Chatwin and his influences including Patrick Leigh Fermor and Freya Stark
Writing for Children Developing skills and confidence to write for children. This session  draws upon Write for Children by Andrew Melrose
Silence and power between characters in fiction How to use words to create silence in fiction and consider the relationships between characters who exploit the use of silence/speech and power.
Flash Fiction Language and compression in short fiction:

  • approaches to writing flash fiction
  • unusual structures for flash fiction


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