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This Much Huxley Knows: contemporary novel

This Much Huxley Knows is a 73,000 word novel aimed at the commercial fiction market. The novel uses a seven-year-old narrator and comparable titles include The Trouble with Sheep and Goats by Joanna Cannon, My Name is Leon by Kit de Waal and more recently Home by Amanda Berriman. Readers who like children’s voices and unreliable narrators will enjoy this novel.

Welcome to the world of Huxley Griffiths. This boy wants to be popular but there’s no one he can trust. Too much picking-on is happening in class so he tries to find friends outside school. When an old man called Leonard joins his church, Huxley wants a ride on his disability scooter, but Mum is unkind. Huxley doesn’t get it. He loves trains and so does Leonard and that’s a big thing. Breaks-it isn’t helping – you get Huxley’s joke, don’t you? Ha! Brexit means grown-ups are falling out and breaking up. What can Huxley do to help adults understand more about being alone and needing friends?


I imagine Huxley to look a bit like this boy.

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