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What the Dickens? magazine – going for a print edition

What the Dickens? Magazine #2What the Dickens? Magazine: Issue 4 - The Olympia EditionWhat the Dickens? Magazine: Issue 5 - The Sunflower Edition

If you haven’t had a chance to read the brilliant bi-monthly What the Dickens? magazine that celebrates creativity in the visual arts and writing, now’s the time to take a look here. There are all sorts of articles of interest including author interviews, book and film reviews, competitions, creative writing and poetry and a fantastic range of visual stimulation.  On top of all that, I offer a column titled ‘Help! The dog at my manuscript!’ which answers writers’ questions.

The editor, Victoria Bantock is aiming to get the seventh edition of the magazine published in print as well as on-line.  This provides a unique opportunity for a double dose of submissions to be received by 15 September.  What the Dickens? magazine invites submissions with the theme of Pumpkin for the October issue and Journey for the December issue. Please get busy with your ideas, be creative and enter your work by the deadline.  Full details for submission can be found here.

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