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Monday 16 November is Odd Socks Day!

Some of these campaigns really do make me cringe (think of #NationalDoughnutDay on 5 June) but not this one. #OddSocksDay is part of Anti-bullying Week 2020 which puts a spotlight on bullying and considers the steps that can be taken to prevent it. Every November, schools in the UK have a focus on bullying and by working with the wider school community, steps are put in place to protect vulnerable youngsters.

This year, #OddSocksDay on Monday 16 November launches a week of activites to raise awareness about bullying. This is intended to be a fun day where there’s no pressure to wear fashionable clothes or dress up. Everyone can wear odd socks, so it couldn’t be simpler. The idea is to encourage people to express themselves and everything that makes us unique.

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Galway Girl

The suitcases are now put away for the summer. After a week in Edinburgh we made a dash for Galway City to catch up with Regina who was celebrating her fiftieth birthday. So here’s the party girl with her husband, Andy.

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It was a splendid occasion: a chance to meet Regina’s family and friends and touch base with her children who are the same age as mine. The Salthill Hotel put on a wonderful spread and we sat on a table called ‘The Enablers’ with others who have worked in the UK, Ireland and overseas.  What a great compliment to be considered an enabler.  The company was splendid and when the talking was over we danced well into the night.

You might like to watch the You Tube clip of one of the songs played repeatedly!

We also had the opportunity to look around the city and take a walk by the coast. What a lovely place – somewhere we would certainly like to make a return visit.