the writer is a lonely hunter

writing by Gail Aldwin and other Dorset writers

Cue for a story…

I’m taking a break from working on the romantic comedy I completed before Christmas. I thought that if I give it until the end of January, I’ll have had enough time to return to it afresh. Meanwhile, I’m developing on a few short stories and flash fiction to keep my creative mind active. So far this year, I’ve entered five competitions and have stories lined up to enter a couple more. The spreadsheet is filling up and although I know most of the stories will bounce back, if I revise and resubmit, there is a chance of publication and maybe even a prize.

Ideas for fiction come to me from life. I seem to be writing quite a lot about families at present, with my sixteen-year-old son providing the stimulus.  Little things get lodged in my mind. Take Saturday, for example, he says to me:  That’s a stupid rule, Mum. Why do I have to unload the whole dishwasher when I only need one cup?

Right, down to work…