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Rain, rain go away

It feels like it’s been raining for months and I’ve been cooped inside for a lot of the time. The view from my window shows the extent of flooding in the water meadows. Fortunately, the water goes in the right direction, away from the town but I’ve never seen quite so much silver on what should be green fields.

flooded fields







Last weekend, we ventured to the coast where the wind blasted so strongly it was difficult to stand up straight. The waves at West Bay were amazing and here’s a photo to show the force of the water. (It didn’t look like this on the TV crime drama Broadchurch.)

west bay







We’re off to Falmouth, Cornwall for the Valentine weekend (the first occasion we’ve ever celebrated away from home). The forecast says rain. I’m going to pack a couple of books and my laptop in case it’s too awful to go out. Fortunately, the hotel has a terrace lounge with views over the sea so we’ll have something to look at, watching the waves.