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Write it like a recipe, write it like a three course meal

As part of my work for the local authority, I am frequently invited into schools to observe pupils who are learning English as an additional language.  As an advisory teacher, joining a lesson is part of my job that I really enjoy and this week I was lucky to be present during an English and a history lesson.  It was a coincidence that both lessons required the pupils to write recipes. The English class were studying the three witches scene in Macbeth, and using the second witch’s speech as a model, they created their own cauldron recipes. In the history lesson, the students were learning about the plague and were asked to invent a potion to cure the disease.  As you can imagine, some gruesome recipes were produced but it did start me wondering about using food as a  stimulus  for writing a short story or a piece of flash fiction. 

In Dorchester we have a Michelin star restaurant called Sienna and it’s within walking distance from my house.  As a special treat I was taken there on Friday and I’ve inserted photos of my lunch for anyone who would like to take up the challenge of writing a story around a three course meal. 


Slow-cooked pork belly and apple terrine with sweet onion relish and crispy prosciutto.   

main course

Roast fillet of Cornish hake with bourguignon sauce and parsley dumplings.  


Saffron-poached pear with pistachio and marzipan cake, honeycomb ice cream.  

I needed an afternoon nap after that lot! Let me know how you get on if you decide to take up the three course challenge.