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Round up for May 2019

May was a busy month which ended with the launch of The String Games at Waterstones in Dorchester. It was a fabulous evening with so many friends there to help give the novel a proper send off. Thank you to Sophie and Jorge from Victorina Press for travelling from Shropshire to help celebrate the launch.


Earlier in May I received some fabulous reviews on my blog tour (you can read the best bits here) and I also appeared in several publications including:

The Dorset Echo: How writer Gail Aldwin gained creative stamina from running

Female First: My Inspiration for The String Games by Gail Aldwin

Jera’s Jamboree: Interview with Gail Aldwin

Whispering Stories: The Writing Life of Gail Aldwin

Books in my Handbag: Gail Aldwin’s Debut Novel The String Games

Troutie McFish Tales: Writing and Running

If you want to listen to my advice for writing flash fiction, you can hear me on the Write Club Podcast. It’s worth listening to the whole podcast although I’m introduced at 27:18. I was also on Keep 106 the community radio station for Dorchester and enjoyed a lovely chat on KeeP Talking with Andy Worth who interviewed me and Town Crier Alistair Chisholm as part of Local Radio Day.


Photo credit: Rob Mott

Phew! Quite a month. I hope June might be a little quieter although there is another book launch in London, so somehow I doubt it. Here’s an invitation, I’d love to see you there.

flyer for Housmans



What makes you happy?

When my daughter was back from university, she was imagining what her future would look like and it included a big house and a flash car. My husband told her that those things won’t make her happy. He asked her to reflect on what made her happy as a child, things like a balloon or an ice-cream. He said that when you’ve worked hard for that house and that car you realise it’s the packet of seeds for the allotment or sunshine on your back that brings happiness.  In middle-age, like childhood, it’s the little things that count.

So here are the things that make me happy on a Saturday morning:

Chocolate brownie, Cups and Cakes, Dorchester

Cups and Cakes, Dorchester

Roll on next weekend!

What makes you happy?