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Plaza or Odeon? Take your pick

Dorchester is the county town of Dorset and with a population of around 20,000 it now boasts TWO cinemas. When we first moved here six years ago I was delighted to live within walking distance of a cinema and I’ve been a regular visitor to the Plaza ever since.

Built in the 1930s the Plaza has been updated to provide an all-digital, four screen, 3D and live satelite enabled modern cinema. Some new releases come to Dorchester very quickly but I ran out of luck one year waiting for Atonement to arrive and had to slip along to Weymouth to see the film.  That said, with tickets charged at £2.50 during the week and £3.50 on Friday and Saturday nights,  going to the Plaza is a brilliant and cheap night out.

However, we have an interloper on the Dorchester cinema scene with the Odeon three-screen cinema newly opened in Brewery Square.  The development is on the site of the former Eldridge Pope brewery and will have several new restaurants, shops and housing when it’s completed. In the meantime we have Carluccio’s and the Odeon to keep us guessing as to what the final facilities will be like. But with another cinema, therein lies a dilemma.

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