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Pen Pals, a reminiscence project in Purbeck

A new project titled Pen Pals will be offered in Purbeck by members of the Dorset Writers’ Network. The project has received funding from Dorset Community Foundation and will be delivered in three care settings for older people. The aim of the project is to offer creative and enjoyable learning experiences for older people by drawing upon memories. Volunteers will be trained to work with older people and will help in recording personal stories. Session facilitators Helen Pizzey and Pat Yonwin are experienced in delivering reminiscence projects and understand the health benefits of encouraging older people to becoming involved with creative arts. A range of prompts and artifacts will be used to engage and interest participants in sharing stories from their personal history.

I am pleased to be involved with this project as a volunteer and look forward to the first of six sessions that will be delivered at Gainsborough Care Home in Swanage. Sessions will be delivered fortnightly from the end of July to October. If you would like further information or are interested in joining the project as a volunteer, you can find further information here. (Scroll down to find the information on Pen Pals.)

Have you been involved with any creative initiatives that support vulnerable groups?


Some good news…

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for, a piece of good news. There’s nothing like a little publishing success to get me refocused and positive. An article on the workshop I delivered at the National Association for Writers in Education (NAWE) conference appears in the current issue of Writing in Education, spring 2013. My name even features on the cover, although the print is probably too small for you to read it here. Also included in the journal is an interesting article on coaching for writers by Elizabeth Forbes and ‘Imaging the Story’ where Paul Houghton considers the role of the visual.


And, more positive news comes from Helen Pizzey at PURBECK! magazine who has included a review of Four Buses for the May/June issue of the magazine.

What keeps you on the tracks for writing?