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Spring in Dorset

Spring in Dorset has so far meant biting wind, patches of frost and snow. When the sun does appear, it’s absolutely glorious but all too soon it slinks behind the clouds. In spite of the weather, other activity confirms the changing of the seasons. Last year I wrote a piece of flash fiction titled ‘Fish Pond’ which is based upon the annual activity in our garden. You can read about it here.

The ducks have been lurking again, finding the right moment to splash into the pond and feed on the frogs’ spawn.  This year, however, David has decided to protect the wildlife by creating fortress fish pond.

spring 003 (2)

It’s not a pretty sight and the ducks have abandoned the garden now in favour of the stream along the road. Not even the neighbours’ cat has ventured anywhere near our place now that the days of scooping out the spawn with his paw are over. The wire is so effective that I’m slightly worried we’ll be inundated with frogs and toads later in the year. I hope I don’t find a frog swimming in the downstairs loo again!

Do you have any quirks to share?