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Time for some feedback, please!

on March 20, 2012

Thanks to the photos of the overland (taken by Philip Wadds), the site statistics for this blog have gone bonkers. Google is doing a fantastic job in promoting my blog but it now leaves me wondering if I’m offering my regular followers the content you want.  Thanks to the lovely people who have made comments, I am encouraged.  But now that I’ve been blogging for three months, I’d like to take stock.

My aim was to blog about all things writerly including interviews, discussion on books and writing, ideas for writing, and support for other writers. I hope the posts have been interesting and informative.  I do get a little distracted as I am at the minute, because I can’t resist posting another photo from Philip’s album. Please excuse the absence of a literary  link, but I will try to make it topical. 

This is a photo of the London Gun Store in Darra (close to Peshawar in Pakistan and the Afghan border) taken in 1981. Wikipedia describes Darra as a town entirely devoted to the gun trade.  It has a main street with alleys and side streets containing workshops where working copies of the world’s guns are made including Kalashnikovs and pen-guns.  This is exactly as I remember the town but travel by foreign visitors to Darra is no longer permitted due to the obvious security concerns. However, there is aYou Tube video posted by an American who made a visit:  The gun markets of Pakistan

Following this aside, perhaps you can advise me about the future direction my posts should take.  Are you interested in the posts about Dorset?  Do you like reading about travel?  Can I share with you more of my writing and the experiences of being a writer? Should I include more posts about books.  Let me know what you think.

10 responses to “Time for some feedback, please!

  1. Just blog on. It is a good blog. I never expect too much. If you want comments ask a question. Otherwise what would one say really? See a blog as developing succinct writing as much as audience. That will vary. Read other blogs, I am told, and comment to generate interest as it is a
    Two way process. Variety, which you have, is great. Hope this helps

  2. Jo Clarke says:

    Yes, I’m with Carol. A big part of blogging is connecting with others’ blogs, so start following and commenting on blogs you like. And just keep on doing what you’re doing. A blog, for me, is a living thing and personal (within reason). I’m probably like lots of your readers, visit but don’t comment. Keep it up chuck!

    • gailaldwin says:

      Hi Jo – good to hear from you. I can thank you for your encouragement of my early writing and now I can also thank you for supporting me and my blog. Ta!

  3. Pauline Howard says:

    I agree with Carol & Jo. Everything is interesting, whatever it’s about, the fact that I know you makes me visit the blog and read. Also like Jo, I mainly read but don’t comment.
    I love the photos from Philip Wadds – keep it all going Gail.

    • gailaldwin says:

      Hi Pauline – I’m glad you’re finding the blog interesting – I also appreciate your feedback on my writing through the WWG google group. Thank you very much

  4. I agree – keep on with what you’re doing.

  5. Kris Hallett says:

    Please keep doing what you do Gail – I particularly like your travel stuff (which then inspired me to share with you one of my experiences, and got me thinking about my adventurous younger life!…… ). I wish I had known you were such a talented writer when I was putting the ‘Lokesh’ children’s story together…. I’d have been round to you in a flash for advice/feedback before it went to print! As another person has said already, because I know you, it is all the more interesting to see what you have produced, what’s coming next etc – stories, interviews etc. I’m really enjoying it and feel back in touch with the UK when I get your blogs. SW France is great but I do miss the communication with friends and colleagues (Facebook is not my preferred choice for keeping in touch, but needs must!). Bon chance –

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