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Bread for #fridayflash

on June 22, 2012

Bread.  The baker cuts chunks from the amoeba dough that’s spreading across the counter. It is sticky in his hands, protesting against its separation onto the kneading board. By the till there’s a display of loaves, shiny like glazed pots. I grip the largest and pass it to the assistant who swaddles it in tissue. I carry the bread like a babe in my arms, its heat warming my belly and I walk back home.

This 75-word story was published by Paragraph Planet 22 May 2012

10 responses to “Bread for #fridayflash

  1. certainly flash fiction makes you think of every image. I like it very much. C

  2. mmmm i could smell it. Breakfast time! (here in UK)

  3. Regina Keith says:

    well done Gail, published twice !

  4. So vivid! – lovely description – I could see it all playing out, but it’s more than that though; I definitely detect an undertone of sadness.

  5. richardbon says:

    There’s something soothing about freshly baked bread, I think.

  6. timvansant says:

    The opening felt a bit sinister, cutting into the living thing and preparing it to be burned to death. Nice one.

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