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A visit to Imagine Books, Weymouth

on July 17, 2012

Just 50 yards from the sea front at Weymouth, and a pleasant walk along St Alban Street, (affectionately known to locals as Flag Street) you’ll find Imagine Books at number 23.

Displayed outside the shop with its distinctive black and gold signage are children’s books, postcards, sun hats, beach bags and wind chimes. This provides an idea of the merchandise to be found within.

The colour theme continues inside with books about the local area displayed on black shelves and stands that hold children’s books for a range of ages.  In the corner you’ll find a selection of classic texts and poetry with children’s Shakespeare titles arranged alongside.

The proprietor, Ann Newman, runs the business with her son Dave and has an eye for merchandise and affordable luxuries to complement the stock of books.  At Imagine Books you’ll find jewellery and tiaras, soaps, candles and essential oils that perfume the space.  To add to the atmosphere there is music  and tracks from a band called ‘Rainbow’ were playing during my visit.

The shop is divided into rooms with a courtyard at the centre that has a water feature and chairs for relaxed reading.

The room at the rear holds books relating to history, sport and hobbies while the centre room contains antiquarian books in a glass cabinet alongside shelves housing dark fiction and racks with graphic novels and imported comics.

Dave works hard to promote the business through social media and the Facebook page has a photograph album recording many of the recent events held at the shop. This includes the Local Authors’ day in May  whereby talented local writers were promoted and the event was advertised with the help of a  stilt-walker dressed in a top-hat and tails who gave out leaflets.   In addition, there’s a website with details of current events and listings for local books and DVDs.

What makes seaside bookshops special for you?

6 responses to “A visit to Imagine Books, Weymouth

  1. Looks really good. X

  2. Pauline Howard says:

    A seaside bookshop is an instant pull to me! I’d much rather spend the whole morning browsing than sit on the beach. An antiquated shop in a small street – like the one above – and I’m hooked.

  3. Fiona Murphy says:

    My book is stocked there and Ann and Dave work very hard to promote local writers. Take a trip along you will not be disappointed and I am still surprised people in Weymouth do not know where it is. Many Thanks gail for your lovely tour.

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