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Buying books at the seaside, a trip to Avon Beach Shop

on August 5, 2012

Situated next to a sandy strip of Dorset beach, the Avon Beach Shop provides all the necessities for holiday makers and day trippers. There’s a ramp that makes disabled access possible and easy entry for families with buggies.  The shop is divided into areas where a range merchandise is displayed.  There’s a section for leisure wear and swimming costumes, a central counter with the till that acts as a newsagent with papers, sweets, ice creams and drinks for sale. Opposite, there’s a selection of gifts and to the right of the entrance you’ll find body-boards, buckets and spades and the like.  Tucked away in a corner is the book department that provides a range of fiction, crime novels and local interest books.  There are few book displays that have such a marvellous backdrop through the window of the shop.

Alongside adult books, there are shelves with titles for toddlers, children and young adults as well as a section dedicated to transport and travel.  A stand holds pamphlets by local authors including non-fiction and poetry.  The book department adds a unique feature to this beach-side shop, where music from the radio plays in the background and the decor is functional (owing to sandy/wet feet coming in from the beach).

Do you know of other bookshops set in unique locations? 

Keep your feedback coming and I’ll be ready to reply although I won’t be making another post for a week or so.  I’m off on my holidays via Stratford-upon-Avon and Cumbria to Edinburgh.   What out for news from the Fringe and the Edinburgh Book Festival.

8 responses to “Buying books at the seaside, a trip to Avon Beach Shop

  1. My kind of place — it seems like it sells a bit of everything, with a touch of practicality (functional decor for the wet/sandy feet). I like Atlantic Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware — they’re a chain of bookstores and they have a wonderful selection of books for beach reading.

  2. Fiona Murphy says:

    Looks like a great place. I would never want to leave the beach. Thanks Gail for telling us about these great places. You are becoming a book globetrotter.

  3. John Wiswell says:

    I knew bookstore set up in a desanctified church, somewhere in Massachusetts. Yet I’ve never been there. Would rather visit a bookstore on the beach; the locale compliments the wares.

  4. What a great discovery!

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