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#fridayflash as child number one leaves home

on August 24, 2012

While I’m delighted that my daughter has been offered her first choice place at university and I’m keen for her to take all the chances that are on offer, I can’t help wondering what impact her departure will have on the rest of us.  I’ve been teasing my son for weeks that he’ll soon have his parents’ undivided attention – although I don’t believe he’s looking forward to this!

Earlier in the year I wrote a piece of flash fiction that imagined my daughter as the subject.  It was included in the Flash-Fiction South West anthology titled Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories. You can purchase a copy of the book here and I’ve pasted the piece below.  I hope you enjoy this as my #fridayflash


  1. Clothes
    1. Tops: shirts and hoodies,
    2. Jeans: ripped, skinny, bootleg
    3. Skirts: mini, maxi, puff
    4. Bras: underwired and padded
    5. Knickers: pretty ones only
    6. Shoes: heels, flats, Converse
    7. Makeup (ditch dried-up nail varnish)
    8. Jewellery (silver-dip before packing)
    9. Hairdryer and straighteners
    10. Pencil case
      1. Highlighters
      2. Gel pens
      3. Retractable pencils
      4. Ammonite found at Charmouth (wrap in tissue – put in box with flowers on lid)
      5. Paperback (any)
      6. Pillowcase with Broderie Anglaise trim
      7. Foxy Lady mug
      8. Remember: thermal socks, hot water bottle, Little Ted, ring binder with campus information

I’ll let you know in  few weeks, whether this has any resemblance to reality.

9 responses to “#fridayflash as child number one leaves home

  1. Oh so different once they leave – that’s looks like a pretty good list ^_^

  2. and the small hole in the heart to echo the gaps in their bedrooms where these items once resided. Funny I was getting melancholic this week for hearing paddling pool sounds over next door’s fence, and thinking never would my 14 year old twins indulge in such innocent play again with me looking on…

  3. Aaron says:

    Quite a list! Good luck as your nest starts to empty.

  4. John Wiswell says:

    I’m sure she’ll be back, with laundry if nothing else. While I’m sorry the nest is emptying, congratulations to her on landing her first choice!

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