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The Book Shop, Bridport

on September 11, 2012

Close to Bridport’s Bucky Doo Square, where open air performances frequently take place, you can find The Book Shop, an independent bookseller.

The shop has been in Bridport for 30 years and has been run by Ross Hendry for the last thirteen.  Unlike other book shops, Ross is committed to maintaining a shop dedicated to book sales rather than diversifying into other products.  As a result, the  walls are lined with shelves and central displays offer further titles. Amongst the stock is a large collection of books written about Dorset and books written by Dorset residents, a huge boon to local writers. The Book Shop also has a tradition of inviting authors into the shop to sign copies of their books.

The Book Shop caters for the local community, offering a 10% discount to regular customers and an overnight book ordering service.  Book groups also rely on support offered by the shop. There is a computer for customer use with internet access, an amenity that is not readily available elsewhere in Bridport.  A newsletter is sent by email to customers offering details of special events and author signings. The Book Shop features in The Guardian guide to independent bookshops and it has been named as one of the top fifty independent bookshops in the UK by The Independent. Situated at 14 South Street, the shop lies in the heart of the town.

What’s at the heart of your community?

8 responses to “The Book Shop, Bridport

  1. love these posts and after Portugal a tour of south west inde bookshops- maybe in your footsteps.

  2. We’re lucky to have an independent bookshop in our small town. l wish there were more of them about.

    • gailaldwin says:

      I’ve been amazed at how different each independent bookshop that I’ve visited in Dorset has been. Long live the inde bookshops! PS I’ve just had two stories accepted by Alfie Dog thanks to your blog.

  3. Ruth Blaug says:

    I really like this series. I hope the JOB is going well. we shall miss you tomorrow. Ruth

    • gailaldwin says:

      Job is killing me and I’ve only done a week and a bit. Say hello to everyone at WWG tomorrow.
      I’ve had Social Surfing accepted for publication – will tell more in another post

  4. mlfables says:

    We have no book shops at all in my town now (not even any major chains).

    I think the only place I can get books now is at the local Charity shop. Thankfully, the library is still well stocked, so I loan out older books from there (as well as buy online).

    I do enjoy browsing the book store and would always leave with a purchase (the book shop had a coffee house, so I would by my lunchtime coffee there).

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