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Alfie Dog: an online paying market for your stories

on October 2, 2012

I recently had two stories accepted by Alfie Dog, an online publisher where you can download a whole range of stories in different genres.  My stories are identified as commercial fiction and are titled Social Surfing and Wait There They only cost 39p each to download so I’d encourage you to take a look.  Don’t worry if you haven’t got a kindle, you can always download the story as a pdf and print it off or read it on your computer.  I’ll get the benefit of 50% in royalties if you do.  While this is never going to make me rich, at least my stories are now of a standard to appear in paying markets. The other good thing about Alfie Dog is that they accept previously published work, so long as the copyright remains with the author.   I’m very much into recycling and see this as a good way of enabling my stories to reach a wider audience.

If you fancy submitting, the editor will provide feedback even if the story is not accepted and may suggest changes in order to resubmit. It’s certainly worth a go. Click here for submission details.

Do you know of any other online paying markets?

4 responses to “Alfie Dog: an online paying market for your stories

  1. I shall def look into this and do tell us more in Portugal. In fact could you tell us about flash fiction?

  2. I agree that Alfie Dog is a great site. I have quite a few stories on there.

    Knowonder is another paying online publishers. They’re temporarily closed to submissions but will open again before next year.

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