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On the road with ‘Four Buses’

on December 12, 2012


Here I am signing copies of ‘Four Buses’ which was launched in Dorchester on Saturday.  I was delighted to have friends and fellow writers join me for the event, where I read a few stories from the collection and sold copies of the book. It was great to have friends who travelled from London and Cambridge to spend the launch with me, and a local friend who hurtled back for a wedding in Stafford, so keen to get her copy of ‘Four Buses’. I was thrilled when she emailed me today, saying she’d read the collection straight through in one go, and loved the way the stories were, ‘not spelled out yet were so clear.’ It’s good to accept praise from someone I really respect.

When the mulled wine was quaffed and the mince pies eaten, I looked rather more rosy than at the start of the lauch, as you can see here:


Still, it was great to have a chance to celebrate and I’d like to thank everyone who came, particularly for making time on a busy weekend just before Christmas.

‘Four Buses’ will be available to purchase from Waterstones in Dorchester in January 2013.  Ask your your local library or books shop to order a copy by quoting the ISBN 9780957417205. Or if you’d prefer to obtain a signed copy directly from me for £5.99, please drop me a line through the ‘contact me’ page of this blog.

14 responses to “On the road with ‘Four Buses’

  1. Kathy MacLean says:

    Congratulations, Gail ! I’d like to buy 3 signed copies as I’d like one for myself, one for Ann Ross and one for Lorraine Parker. Shall I send you a cheque or do you have another preference ?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. What a lovely photograph of you. I am looking forward to reading it. Loved the story I heard. Xx

  3. Regina Keith says:

    Congratulations Gail – well done

    Can I order a signed copy please.

    Best regards


  4. Penny Dale says:

    Lovely to see you today, and get my signed copy. I’m really looking forward to curling up (with a glass of something) to read it. Just looking at it fills me with anticipation. Well done Gail!

  5. Patsy says:

    Congratulations, Gail.

  6. Pauline Howard says:

    Yes, Gail, very well done and so nice to see you today at the lunch. I’ve read half of the book already and I should be working, so putting it down ’till later.

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