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NEW Dorset Flash Fiction Competition

on April 30, 2013

The Dorset Writers’ Network is running a flash fiction competition to raise funds to support the valuable work they offer in helping isolated writers throughout the county. The first three winners will receive a book or writing related prize.  The best stories will be recorded as a podcast and put on the website. I have been asked to judge the competition, so I’m absolutely thrilled. You can find further details below:

Flash Fiction Competition

New competition from Dorset Writers’ Network, write a story in 300 words. You must include the words: hesitant, string, relative, hand. You can use the words anywhere in the story or in the title. Please make sure that the words make sense in the context of the story. In order to do this, you may wish to add letters to the words, but you can’t take away any of the letters. For example, you can change relative to relatively but not to relation because the ‘v’ and the ‘e’ are missing from the original word. You can check that you’ve included all the words correctly before submission by using the ‘find’ facility. Gail Aldwin will judge the shortlisted entries.

  • Email or post your entry (Sue Ashby, Corner Cottage, Bridge Street, Dorset SP8 5BA; Include your name and contact details (address, telephone, email) – but not on your entry. Entries are judged anonymously, so your name and details must be on a separate document.
  • There’s a charge of £5 for entry and you must live or work in Dorset. Make cheques out to Dorset Writers’ Network.
  • You can make more than one entry (£8 for 2 stories, £10 for 3) – there is no limit.
  • A winner and two runners up will be selected.
  • Your work must not have been previously published on-line or in print.
  • The entry must be written by you.
  • Copyright remains with the writer.
  • Maximum length is 300 words.
  • The title is in addition to the 300 words.
  • Your story must not have won or been placed in another competition.
  • Deadline for entries is Friday May 31st 2013. The results will be announced on the DWN website  where the winners will be published.

If you’re a Dorset-based writer, will you have a go at entering this competition?

2 responses to “NEW Dorset Flash Fiction Competition

  1. Adrian Ford says:

    Good stuff, Gail.

    I’ve put the notice up on

    Hope the competition is a success. Must see what I can do!

    All the best.


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