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A walk through the fields

on July 2, 2013

Anyone who has visited me in Dorchester, is likely to be familiar with this walk. It’s one that we take regularly owing to the proximity to our house. Only a little way down the hill lies the River Frome, the starting point for a circular walk.

1. Starting point We walk along the path, with the river on one side and water meadow on the other. Currently the farmer is busy making hay (probably silage is a better description).2. Cutting hay

Further along we come to the Blue Bridge, a landmark that can be seen from our bedroom window, and suitably assigned a plaque. Over on the river bank, children fish for tiddlers.

3. Blue bridge plaque4. over the blue bridge5. by the water

Walking through the fields we meet the animals: cows taking to the shade and sheep freshly sheared.

6. cows in the field7. Shawn

Where the path turns we head back towards the town and make a little detour.

8. back towards town10.Into a shop

We browse the old and the refurbished. We’re not quite sure what to make of this chair. I think it might be a rocket to reach outer space but in disguise.

11. Iz takes a break

Then there’s a strange looking duck swimming back towards our house. (At least this one has not found a home in our pond).

13. Strange looking duck

We walk by the allotments and admire the produce.

12 By the allotments

15 Back to our house

Only a little way further and we’re back at home.

Anyone fancy a walk through the fields?

One response to “A walk through the fields

  1. This is indeed a favourite walk and the photos are lovely. I’d be up for a walk anytime.

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