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Guess which restaurant we ate in at the weekend

on July 16, 2013

J at Waggamamma

Here is my son seated in a popular restaurant chain recently opened in Dorchester’s Brewery Square. So, where did we eat last weekend?  Look at the decor, look at the furniture. There are chairs where usually there are benches! There are cushions! There is no need to eat at a communal table. For me, something of the Wagamama experience is lost in this Dorset-ised version of the restaurant. Instead, next time we eat out, we may try another chain.

The days of hankering for a decent pizza are over with the arrival of:

Pizza Express

Front door Zizzi

If neither of those suit, you could always try:


Or when all else fails, there’s always:


I hardly know what to do with all this choice! Any one fancy fish and chips?

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