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Ashmolean Dining Room

on November 27, 2013

I enjoyed a delightful lunch in Oxford this week with Carol McGrath and Sue Stephenson (click here and pop over to The Elstead Writers’ Group where Sue has posted fascinating real-time diary entries imaging a time when the lights went out). Our reservation was at the Ashmolean Dining Room, on the top floor of the museum with wonderful views over the Oxford skyline. Sue and I enjoyed a starter of Crispy pancetta, wild mushroom, watercress and balsamic mayonnaise. It was delicious with a lovely crackling crunch to the pancetta. Starter

For the main course, Sue and I chose Guineafowl but Carol was more adventurous choosing pan fried hake, pancetta, moules mariniere sauce. main course

We chatted over our meal and ordered desserts and coffee. Unfortunately, I was too absorbed in eating my  pannacotta, muscovado sugar poached pear that I forgot to take a photo.

Before catching the train home, I went with Carol to the Bodleian Library and registered for membership. When I go to Oxford in December (taking Jonathan for a college interview) I’ll be able to spend the day in the reading room. I am certainly looking forward to that.

2 responses to “Ashmolean Dining Room

  1. suesteph says:

    I could eat it all over again! Thank you so much for getting us together again.

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