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Days Off

on January 13, 2014

I should’ve known better than to set myself a ridiculous deadline. To meet it, I’m having very few days off from writing but yesterday was one of them. We stayed in London on Saturday night having spent the evening with my husband’s golfing mates. It’s an annual event where the men put on a serve the dinner. My husband’s pumpkin soup had a mixed reception owing to the 3 chillies he put in it (that was in the recipe, he claims). On Sunday we visited my primary school friend for lunch.

I did a lot of talking about my WIP with friends I only see once in a while. I’m hoping all the practice will help when I get to pitch the novel to an agent in the future. In the meantime, it’s back to the one thousand words a day routine. I can’t grumble too much, at least with this target it is possible to plough on through the story. I’m 40,000 into the second draft and I’m really pleased with the way it’s progressing. My deadline to finish is likely to be brought forward if I want my fellow students and tutors at USW to read the whole thing during the next MPhil residency in March.  Ugh! I better get cracking.

Good luck with all your writing projects during 2014.

5 responses to “Days Off

  1. suesteph says:

    You deserved a day off! And I know you’ll make your deadline with brilliant writing – not just quantity but quality too.

    • gailaldwin says:

      Thanks Sue. I’ve just received feedback from my supervisor for the first 30,000 words and he says he’s impressed with the quality of the prose. Something’s going right!

  2. Kate Kelly says:

    I use the thousand words a day routine – it’s a nice manageable chunk and doesn’t take too long. Speaking of which – better crack on with them 🙂

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