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Open Day at the British Library

on February 4, 2014

With other postgraduate students, I spent a splendid day at the British Library, getting acquainted with the amazing resources that are available. I hadn’t been aware of the digital collections that are held and to handle some of the manuscripts was wonderful. While I was there I was issued with a reader’s pass (make sure you take the necessary ID when applying –  proof of address and proof of signature is necessary). I also made a reader room request so that I could have access to a play script of What Maisie Knew which I hope to use in my MPhil research.

Some of the resources presented at the workshop include:

Walking Ulysses: enter the world of James Joyce’s novel by following the characters as they walk the streets of Dublin on 16 June 1904. Click here for the link.

World War One: 500 historical resources from across Europe. Click here for the link.

It’s also worth knowing about the conferences and seminars offered by the Institute of English Studies (look under the events tab).

Have a good week.

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