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All quiet at the Writer is a Lonely Hunter

on August 26, 2015

It’s been very quiet on this blog over the summer. While I have been busy writing, there has also been some time away. I had a fantastic week at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where I was introduced to writers including Etgar Keret, who talked about his recently published  The Seven Good Years. In this memoire, he shares the experience of living in Israel with parents who were holocaust survivors. The memoire covers the period from the birth of his son to the death of his father. I bought a copy of his short fiction titled Suddenly, a Knock on the Door and he signed the book in a unique style. And, although I’m not much of a photographer the light in Edinburgh one evening was so amazing that I took the shot below.



Scan 1












Blogs that I have enjoyed reading over the last month include a post on Josephine Corcoran’s website titled My Poem for Jeremy Corbyn. And a post from Linda Bennett at Salt Publishing about one to one sessions at the Winchester Writers’ Festival. (I think one of the bullet points starting with DON’T relates to me – can you guess which one?)


2 responses to “All quiet at the Writer is a Lonely Hunter

  1. jaynestanton says:

    Welcome back to blogworld, Gail 🙂

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