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A week in Stoupa

on September 8, 2015

I was fortunate this summer to be invited  to spend another week in Stoupa with Carol McGrath. This time I was also in the company of  contemporary and historical fiction writer, Liz Harris. We got into a regular routine of writing, swimming, talking and eating! I’ve written a little more about the area around Stoupa here. You may also be interested to know that Carol’s novel The Betrothed Sister, the last  in the Daughters of Hastings trilogy, is now available on Amazon. Here is a shot from an amazing restaurant at a village called Pigi in the mountains above Stoupa.



2 responses to “A week in Stoupa

  1. Absolutely lovely . The Betrothed Sister had over 200 orders put through to Accent in August. The official release date is 22nd Oct but my publisher has begun to release it early. So far reviews fabulous. Thank you Gail for mentioning my latest novel.

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