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Shelfie: publications that include my stories

on December 10, 2015



I’m making the most of my recent success with Elle magazine – thank you for all your comments and encouragement. While I don’t want to be the sort of blogger who spends posts boasting, it is gratifying to celebrate the markers of progress. I started writing in 2009, and had my first story published in 2010 with a payment of £25. Other stories and flash fiction followed, both online and in anthologies. My shelfie shows where you’ll find my writing in print and I’d like to thank all those who have made it possible  for my stories to reach an audience. These include:

All the time, new opportunities to become published are available. I’ll try to keep you updated with these through regular blog posts. Good luck with getting your writing out there.


4 responses to “Shelfie: publications that include my stories

  1. Well done Gail – why not boast!

  2. Julie Musk says:

    You’re welcome. So pleased you are in the anthology Dorset Voices. You are so dedicated, you deserve every success.

  3. Regina Keith says:

    Congrats Gail Well done !!!!! Regina

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