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Beaumont Park Poetry Trail

on March 25, 2016

Beaumont Park is a fabulous 20 acre site on the outskirts of Huddersfield. Constructed in 1880s it was accessed by a tramway from the town and boasted a castle, pavilion and bandstand. According to Henry F Beaumont, the landowner who provided fields for the conversion, ‘Parks are necessary for large and populous towns to increase the happiness and promote good health and elevate the minds of people.’

The Friends of Beaumont Park work with Kirklees Council to restore the park and I’m proud to be part of a project which aims to bring art and nature together. My poem, Walk was selected from entries to the poetry trail competition and is now on permanent display.


My poem is one of 25 included in the poetry trail. The acrylic plaques work well displaying every  12 line poem to great effect. It’s wonderful to wander around the gardens and read poetry written by the very young and the more mature. Indeed, I was so impressed with the whole idea of bringing poetry into a public space, I talked with one of the organisers of the poetry trail to find out whether is possible replicate the project elsewhere.


This is Colin Partington who worked with the Friends of Beaumont Park to make the poetry trail possible. By forming a group to support the project, responsibilities were shared but this was no small undertaking. With funding confirmed, the competition was rolled out. Information about the project was shared through poetry networks and local schools became involved. Judges for the 5 poetry categories were appointed, and winners identified. Next came the task of finding sites for mounting the poems, organising the plaques and arrangements for the opening of the trail. The launch was scheduled to coincide with the Huddersfield Literary Festival and Joanne Harris awarded the prizes. It is quite remarkable what can be achieved by partnership working and I will carry this thought with me as I investigate the possibility of launching a poetry trail in Dorset.

A collection of Beaumont Park’s Beautiful poetry with accompanying photographs is available to purchase from the Friends of Beaumont Park.

2 responses to “Beaumont Park Poetry Trail

  1. Cathy Randall says:

    Many many congratulations, Gail. It sounds like a wonderful place and what an honour to have your poem included! Happy Easter!

  2. gailaldwin says:

    Thanks, Cathy and happy Easter to you.

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