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Getting ready

on December 7, 2016


Come the first of October 2017, the legs in the background of this shot may be mine. Yes, I’m training to enter the Salisbury half marathon. I have done the 5km Race for Life a couple of times but that involved a month’s practise and then feet up until the next time. It’s quite different having a long term goal… and of course the distance is considerably further. Thus far, I’ve been able to run 7km in about 40 minutes and I swim three times a week usually completing 1.1km in forty minutes. This afternoon, I had a huge success as I managed to swim front crawl for 7 x 25m lengths. Sadly, this wasn’t all in one go, but that’s my next target. (I knew the purchase of a pair of goggles would pay off.) I’ve also joined the gym so I’m hoping to get some proper instruction on improving my swimming technique. All the exercise has made me realise how hopelessly target driven I am. Welcome to my new obsession!

5 responses to “Getting ready

  1. I am impressed! Next time I see you I’ll tell you about the runner dressed as a rhino who almost overtook me during the New Forest Half…

  2. Maggie says:

    I am REALLY impressed. Well done – keep it up. I can’t even run across the road & my swimming is a bit like a golden retriever.

  3. gailaldwin says:

    Head above water- I like the image!

  4. Suzanne Goldring says:

    Really impressed, but hope you will combine it with obsessive writing too!

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