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Worst Wedding Ever in Salisbury

on February 19, 2017

Rather than attending a wedding, we booked seats to see the show at The Playhouse. The play is written by Chris Chibnall, also known for Broadchurch (the third and final ITV series starts on 27 February). The Worst Wedding Ever was a great entertainment, combining slapstick and humour with moments of poignant sadness leaving me with the hope of a happy future for the couple at the centre of the story. I also enjoyed the wedding band who played in the foyer prior to the performance and cropped up in unusual circumstances during the play.  You can read a review of Worst Wedding Ever here.

While in Salisbury, we had a delicious lunch at Charter 1227 Restaurant. Unfortunately the dessert arrived with two spoons and I ended up sharing mine with David. (The mini crème brûlée was particularly delicious.)


What did you do this weekend?

2 responses to “Worst Wedding Ever in Salisbury

  1. Suzanne Goldring says:

    The dessert looks amazing – and you asked what people did this weekend, well I managed nearly 5,000 words over the weekend, to add to what I wrote during the week. Really pleased – it’s the Cornish air!

  2. gailaldwin says:

    Fantastic – well done you!

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