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White Stuff, Edinburgh

on August 31, 2017


Besides the fringe shows and book festival events I found a wonderful distraction in White Stuff on George Street, Edinburgh. When I went to try on a jumper I found an amazing passage of wardrobes with each door leading into a changing room uniquely decorated.

There was the Havisham room with a discarded wedding dress hanging from a peg.


Behind another wardrobe door was a potting shed complete with equipment.


This is my favourite, a 1950s kitchen.


The changing room entered through the yellow wardrobe door was the last one I visited.


I had to laugh when I saw what was inside.


Following me into the changing room, the assistant warned me that the toilet was not plumbed in. I wonder if they’ve had accidents in the past!

In case you’re wondering, I did buy the jumper.

8 responses to “White Stuff, Edinburgh

  1. What a find – I bet they have had accidents!!! Don’t you get around.

  2. Suzanne Goldring says:

    Wonderful place – I’ve just linked your page to Jennifer so she can visit this on her next trip to Edinburgh.

  3. wita2017 says:

    I went there a few years ago – the wardrobes made shopping a really fun experience – I bought a skirt and a top…

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