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Book Review: Women in Horror, Annual 2

on November 5, 2017


The Blurb

The Women in Horror Annual 2 is the second volume of an anthology of horror fiction and nonfiction written by women. WHA promotes and celebrates female voices in horror, and the stories and papers contained within represent a diverse group of writers, each with their own unique vision. Ranging from supernatural tales of horror to quotidian terror, and touching on themes of empowerment, insanity, and freedom, the stories herein run the gamut from melancholic to darkly humorous. As was the case with the first volume, WHA 2 is further proof that horror has something for everyone.

My review

With a range of voices and settings this annual makes an entertaining read. Many of the stories are pacy and well-written with the kind of details that had me shuddering. The characters are interesting with plots that take readers on surprising and scary journeys. Well done to all the contributors and the editor, C Rachel Katz.

A pdf of the annual was kindly supplied by Aly Rhodes to enable me to write this review.

A Kindle edition of the annual is available to purchase on Amazon.


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