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Fashion and Paisley Print

on June 4, 2018

From being a highly prized pattern in Victorian times, paisley enjoyed a resurgence during the 1960s when clothes in this print became a popular fashion item for men and women.


Certain garments continue to carry the paisley pattern today.


Although shawls are not as popular as they once were, still the paisley pattern is used.


And the not quite paisley patterned shawl.


I hope you have enjoyed this series of blog posts on paisley designs. My short fiction collection, Paisley Shirt remains available with free delivery from The Book Depository and is stocked in Gullivers in Wimborne, The Book Shop in Bridport, Serendip in Lyme Regis and The Swanage Bookshop.



4 responses to “Fashion and Paisley Print

  1. jamescbates says:

    I liked all of your Paisley Posts, Gail. They were very informative and the color photos were quite pretty. Maybe you’ll be doing the same with the cover of your next book!!

    • gailaldwin says:

      My novel is called The String Games so I’m thinking about stories and string figures that I can write about when the book gets published. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  2. Maria says:

    I really like paisley prints, so much so I once, many years ago, had a pale Paisley carpet in my lounge.

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