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Author talk at Sturminster Newton Library

on July 8, 2018


I was delighted to be invited by the Friends of Sturminster Newton Library to  talk about my short fiction collection Paisley Shirt. This north Dorset library is run by exceptional volunteers who do a wonderful job in supporitng local authors. I was made to feel like a guest of honour and I’m delighted that the collection is now in stock at this branch. Rather than wallowing in the heat, fifteen people turned out to hear me talk and many purchased copies of the collection.

As this was my first talk I prepared for it thoroughly by:

  • promoting the talk on Facebook and Twitter to attract an audience
  • arriving early to check out the venue
  • practising my delivery by talking to my reflection in the mirror
  • having props to hand including Victorian novels which mention paisley pattern
  • dressing in a paisley patterned top, and
  • creating a display of Chapeltown Books on a paisley patterned tablecloth

Feedback from the talk was very positive. One participant said I answered her question about sources of inspiration better than any other author. Another said my talk was engaging and inspiring. I now feel fully equipped to offer further talks. If any of you are interested in hosting a talk, please let me know.


Paisley Shirt is available with free delivery from The Book Depository and is stocked in Gullivers Wimborne, The Bookshop Bridport, Serendip Lyme Regis, The Swanage Bookshop and branches of Watersones.

5 responses to “Author talk at Sturminster Newton Library

  1. jamescbates says:

    Way to go, Gail. I like how you prepared for your talk. As a former teacher, one thing I learned is that you can never be too prepared. It sounded like a fantastic venue and a super great audience. It’s a good thing you put a lot of thought and planning into your talk. It paid off in a big way for both you and them!

  2. RUTH Blaug says:

    I wanted to send a thumbs up emoji. but couldn’t see how to this. All the same THUMBS UP Gail.

  3. Nicely put, Gail – a succinct briefing on how to prepare for a talk based on your own experience with ‘Paisley Shirt’. Great to get one of these under your belt and feel ready for more. This way, book festival organisers, libraries, bookshops and educational establishments and … I’m sure there’s a list to be continued here!

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