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Celebrating Libraries Week

on October 9, 2020

Libraries Week is an annual event which takes place during the second week of October. This year it runs from 5–10 October 2020 and aims to celebrate all that UK libraries have to offer. And it’s not just public libraries that participate but school libraries, workplace libraries and university libraries.

Titles available for loan through Dorset Libraries

In Dorset, our libraries have become community hubs where so much more is on offer than the loan of books, audiobooks and DVDs. Babies and young children enjoy songs and rhymes, school children join fun learning activities, residents can find out more about managing health and there’s access to wifi and games. Help is available at the library to find out about employment opportunities, and support to start a new hobby or set up a business. With so much going on, libraries are well worth celebrating.

The aim of this year’s Libraries Week is to help build a Nation of Readers and Dorset Libraries have taken the opportunity to showcase local writing talent. Along with other writers, I was invited to complete a survey and submit some photos. My information was selected and made into a short video slideshow. This has been posted on Dorset Libraries’ social media channels and you can see the slideshow here.

I am delighted to play my part in celebrating Libraries Week and hope you will join me in paying tribute to the staff and volunteers who work so hard to allow libraries to offer such creative, innovative and diverse activities.

6 responses to “Celebrating Libraries Week

  1. I heartily endorse your tribute to library staff far and wide, Gail. As well as my local Suffolk and Essex libraries, May’s Boys, my Dorset-set novel, is stocked by Libraries West. So grateful for the support. Have a great Libraries Week.

  2. jim bates says:

    Hi Gail. I love our local library! I’m planning to donate a copy of my collection of stories to them when it comes out. Keep up the great work in Dorset!!

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