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Thrilled to bits!

on December 11, 2020

I’ve received brilliant feedback from parents and grandparents who are looking forward to sharing Pandemonium with the youngsters in their lives at Christmas. Some children have received early copies and I’ve been sent photos of them enjoying the book. Fortunately, everyone has agreed I can post these pictures on social media so here’s a gallery I’d like you to see.

Bear and Pandemonium purchased for two-year-old Leo
Happy prize winner from the ReviewSpot competition, ‘the illustrations are just amazing and so beautiful.’
This little girl loves Pandemonium and keeps repeating words from the story.
One of the launch day photos
Another happy early reader!

I’m also delighted that Big Indie Books have published a piece I wrote about the author/illustrator collaboration between Fiona Zechmeister and I that made Pandemonium possible. It’s fantastic when a publisher presents an article beautifully as show in the banner below.

If you’re interested in reading Five Steps to Working in Collaboration, why not pop over for a read? There are plenty of other articles to catch your interest while you’re there.

Do take a photo of your young reader enjoying Pandemonium, I’d love to see a copy.

Pandemonium is available to purchase directly from the publisher, Victorina Press, with 30% discount using the coupon code XMAS2020. It’s a great stocking filler!

3 responses to “Thrilled to bits!

  1. jim bates says:

    HOW EXCITING!! That’s wonderful new, Gail. Congratulations 🙂

  2. intoflash says:

    Well done, Gail. Pushing out in all directions!

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