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Lockdown walks

on February 2, 2021

Although currently in lockdown, we are allowed to take daily exercise. David and I are in the habit of running one day and walking the next. We don’t run together as he’s much faster than me. On walking days, we cover a 10km loop that takes us along Poundbury hill fort to the village of Bradford Peverell and then through Charminster on the outskirts of Dorchester to home.

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken on recent walks. From flooded fields, to early buds, lambs in the fields and cottage homes, an azure sky to rain afoot. I hope you enjoy these images of Dorset.

How are you coping during the pandemic?

7 responses to “Lockdown walks

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ve been on hikes in that area, so your photos evoke vivid memories of these beautiful places. What a wonderful part of the world to live in, Gail!

  2. jim bates says:

    Hi Gail! Thank you so much for these photos. We have 12″ of snow on the ground so I especially loved seem the plants in bloom 🙂

  3. Nice spring images Gail. It’s still winter up here in Sweden, -8°C this morning. Snow and ice. Chilly!

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