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Blog tour – the results!

on June 28, 2021

You may remember around three weeks ago, I wrote a post about the blog tour I’d organised to promote This Much Huxley Knows. (You can read it here.) Last week, everything went according to plan and book bloggers who had signed up, posted a review or excerpt on the agreed day. It wasn’t without last minute hitches, one blogger had mislaid the electronic copy of This Much Huxley Knows but with only a short while to spare, managed to read and review the novel in record time.

The reviews were absolutely delightful and very affirming for me as a writer. I was so pleased, I made up a few posters with snippets from each of the reviews.

Now I’m gearing up the for the release of This Much Huxley Knows on 8 July 2021. I’ll be all over Twitter on launch day and hope to touch base with some of you there. In the meantime, enjoy the tennis at Wimbledon on TV (or in person, if you’re very luck!)

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