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Meet Sundy Flor, Book Blogger at Books Unfold

on July 23, 2021

I came across Sundy Flor’s Twitter account when I was investigating book bloggers online. I checked out her website, Books Unfold, and was impressed with the beautiful graphics she creates to accompany her posts and the interesting format for her reviews. I contacted Sundy Flor to see if she would be interested in reading and reviewing This Much Huxley Knows. She agreed and absolutely loved the novel, you can read the review here. We’ve had several email exchanges since then and it occurred to me readers of The Writer is a Lonely Hunter might be interested in learning more about book blogging and the new fangled Bookstagramming. Who better to ask than Sundy Flor?

Q&A with Sundy Flor from Books Unfold

Can you tell readers about yourself, where you’re from and Books Unfold?

I am Sundy Flor from Davao City, Philippines. I am an avid reader of books from Fantasy and Young Adult to Nonfiction. Books Unfold is my blog where I share my thoughts and the things I learned from books.

What inspired you to start Books Unfold?

I have been suffering from anxiety for many years now, and to help me cope, I decided to start a blog. Instead of focusing on my fears and worries in life, I channel my attention and energy into reading books, writing book reviews, and sharing them on social media. I also love writing. I have always wanted to become a writer, but my insecurities get in the way, making me afraid of other people’s criticism and rejection. However, I am tired of being scared.  Books Unfold is not only a book blog, but it symbolizes my courage to overcome my self-doubt and fear.

Wow, that’s such a good move – using book blogging as a positive step in personal development.

And what about Bookstagramming?

One day, I searched #books on Instagram, and hundreds of photos of books in engaging setups with props and colorful backgrounds appeared on my screen. I was so thrilled to find out that a community of book lovers like me are on this platform. 

Bookreviewgenie was the first bookstagrammer I followed, which inspired me to start my own. Some bookstagrammers welcomed me into the community when I uploaded my first post. I found bookstagramming fun and a great way to share my reviews. Although I don’t have a big following, I believe Instagram promotes my posts to a bigger audience through trending hashtags.

Just for information, a trending hashtag means to promote a book using a keyword such as #bookreview

How do you manage your time to run Books Unfold efficiently?

I keep a bullet journal where I write down my vision, goals, and specific actions to take every day. I also include a To Be Read list, which currently has 109 books, and it keeps on expanding. I can’t seem to stop myself from buying new books! Anyways, to keep track of my blog and Instagram posts, I list the books I would read for the month. In a week, I alternately read a book, create graphics, write a review, and post on my blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

An example of Sundy Flor’s fabulous graphics.

Who has influenced you most in book blogging and how?

Sarah S. Davis, an American writer and book blogger, influenced me the most in book blogging. Her website, Broke by Books, contains exceptional resources for readers, writers, and bloggers. Her content ideas are very helpful. I also learned from her that book blogging is more than reviewing books. Book bloggers also create listicles – articles written in a form of a list – such as the best books of the year, the best books to read at the beach, or the best books about friendship. They also write personal essays about how books change and save their lives or which books pushed them out of their comfort zone. 

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Aside from being new in book reviewing, writing a review is always a challenging moment for me. English is my second language, which presents hurdles in coming up with a sensible and exquisite composition, finding the right words, and creating effective sentences. Sometimes, I feel like giving up in the middle of writing my book review draft as self-doubt sets in. To get back on track, I read my favorite parts of that book, reminding me of the different emotions that it evokes. These feelings guide me to express my thoughts and put them into words.  

Re-reading is a great tip for regaining focus.

Can you name a few of your favourite sites related to books and reading and why you like them?

One of my favorite sites is Broke by Books by Sarah S. Davis. It is a great place to learn the basics of book blogging, the tips on writing a good book review, and other post ideas. 

Besides that, BookLoverWorm by Sandra is the first book blog I followed. She mainly shares the books she reads and the blog tours she’s joined. As someone who loves books and finds creative writing exciting, Sandra reminds me of myself. Not to mention, I took a creative writing class when I was in college as an elective.  

I enjoy The Writer is a Lonely Hunter, too. It gives me a glimpse into the life of an author, one which I desire. Having a book published is a remarkable achievement that makes me appreciate authors more. Plus, your interviews with other authors are informative and inspirational.

Thank you for following my blog, Sundy!

In the future, where do you hope your blog will take you?

I pray that Books Unfold will be a valuable online resource for avid readers or those who wish to start their reading life, which motivates me to share book reviews and tips on developing a good reading habit. Moreover, I want to discover local authors and write reviews about their work.

Supporting local authors is a very worthy aim.  

How do you create the fabulous graphics on Books Unfold?

I start by understanding the general mood of the book. For example, in your novel, This Much Huxley Knows, Huxley loves to play with words, so I thought of using wooden Scrabble tiles in my setup. Then, the picture I took, I edited and uploaded it on Instagram, along with my favorite book quotes. Speaking of quotes, I create their graphics on Canva with elements that coincide with the book.

An example of Sundy’s quote graphic for Huxley.

What do you do when you’re not book blogging?

I am a stay-at-home mom and I look after my daughter, who is now in high school. Since the pandemic started last March 2020, she has been taking classes online and it has been challenging for her to meet school requirements. I sometimes teach her lessons she couldn’t understand and guide her in managing schoolwork. 

Good wishes to your daughter with her studies. Thank you so much Sundy Flor for giving us the inside story on book blogging and sharing such useful links. I’ve found it fascinating.

If you’d like to know more about Sundy Flor, please follow her on social media.

Instagram, Twitter and on Books Unfold.

10 responses to “Meet Sundy Flor, Book Blogger at Books Unfold

  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you Sundy, I had no idea.kine was the first blog you followed but I feel very privileged that it was.

  2. Thanks for a really interesting post, Sundy & Gail.
    I am so impressed by Sundy’s writing ability, given that she is working in a second language!

  3. Sun says:

    Thank you so much, Gail, for this opportunity! Words can’t express how grateful I am.

  4. Thanks for an interesting post Gail.
    Sundy, I’m following you now on Instagram!

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