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This Much Huxley knows by Gail Aldwin

on September 26, 2021

Welcome to Sunday and it’s a wonderful treat to receive an erudite review for This Much Huxley Knows from Katie Campbell, English teacher, reader and book blogger.

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Publisher: Black Rose Writings Publication Date: July 2021

I have not read many books that have a young child as a narrator and so I have to confess that I was a little sceptical when I discovered the entirety of ‘This Much Huxley Knows’ by Gail Aldwin was narrated from the viewpoint of the seven-year-old protagonist himself. This scepticism, however, was very soon alleviated as I became quickly immersed into the life and world of this little boy as he tries to find his place in it.

Aldwin, through the eyes of Huxley, explores contemporary fears and societal concerns ranging from prejudice and bullying through to political differences and the contentious debate of Brexit. Human desire for conformity and expectations around societal etiquette are foregrounded within the novel, which through the eyes of a child expose them for what they are, merely social constructs that we have to live by…

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