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Walks around Gerolimenas

on October 17, 2021

We arrived in Gerolimenas five days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. The small harbour town is found in the south of the Mani peninsular in the Peloponnese, Greece. We were introduced to Gerolimenas by Carol MacGrath who kindly brought us here following our time at the Mani Lit Fest.

We’re staying on the harbour in a first floor room with this view.

We’ve done some lovely walks while we’ve been here including climbing the cliff!

One day we explored Oxia with its tower houses, ruins and church. We ran home the last 2km to keep ahead of the rain.

Another walk along the coast and we found a delightful little bay with further ruined houses including a circular tower.

Yesterday we covered 12km walking on an ancient path from Alika to Kenipolis. Here are some of the lovely places we spotted.

We’re moving on to Gythio tomorrow. Expect more photos!

4 responses to “Walks around Gerolimenas

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks a lovely place, Gail. Relaxing and healthy!

  2. jim bates says:

    Fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing. 😁👍

  3. pennyhampson2 says:

    Your photos brough back many memories. I visited the Mani many years ago when there were hardly any tourists. Gytheion was a lovely place then, so will look forward to your next post to see if it’s changed! I recall one place on the coast that had spectacular caves that could only be accessed by rowing boat, but sadly can’t remember the name.

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