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News about Huxley!

on January 18, 2022

Following my last post with details of a free giveaway for This Much Huxley Knows during the weekend 8/9 January, I thought you might like to know what happened. My publisher at Black Rose Writing reported there were 2,653 downloads worldwide. This resulted in Huxley hitting the Amazon best seller lists for free downloads in USA, UK and Australia with Canada taking the top ranking where it came #25 for a day. I was also thrilled to see the novel had been downloaded in Japan and made it to #28 of the free foreign language books.

As a result of this promotion, the stats figures on Goodreads have shot up with fifty more readers adding This Much Huxley Knows to their reading lists.

There’s also been an increased number of reviews and ratings, both on Goodreads and Amazon.

I’m now in the process of submitting my latest manuscript The Girl and the Tutor to agents in the hope of securing literary representation. For anyone reading this who is doing the same, it’s worth checking out Jericho Writers where you can access their AgentMatch service on a free seven-day trial. Here you can filter by country (USA/UK) and genre to find a list of agents with open submission windows. From this I’ve created a list of one hundred agents I intend to approach over the next ten weeks. (My goal is to make ten submissions each week.) Here’s the elevator pitch to whet your appetite:

When a menopausal journalist is made redundant, she rediscovers her mojo by developing a true crime podcast into the 1978 disappearance of a teenage girl

A submission I made yesterday requested statistics for recently published work, so I was pleased to include details from the Goodreads account for This Much Huxley Knows. It goes to show how powerful reader responses are in influencing others. If you have read This Much Huxley Knows and would care to leave a review, I’d very much appreciate it. Here’s a link to the Amazon pages. Thanks to everyone who has already given Huxley the thumbs up!

3 responses to “News about Huxley!

  1. jim bates says:

    That’s great news about the successful promotion, Gail! Congratulations!! And thank you for the information about Jericho Writers. I’m in the process of looking for a publisher for my YA SF novella “Friends Like These”. I will certainly check them out. Here’s wishing you much success with The Girl and the Tutor” 🙂

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