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Busy bees

on June 18, 2022

June has been packed with activities! As we only have a fortnight left until we leave for London, we’re trying to make the most of our remaining time in Edinburgh. My son visited last week and we went on a couple of outings which involved obligatory photos:

A view of Arthur’s Seat from Blackford Hill
Jonny and David in Circus Lane, Stockbridge

Before coming to Edinburgh, I met up with Jonny and Izzy in Cardiff for a Crowded House concert which Izzy had booked in 2019 (before I went to Uganda). Due to Covid it was rescheduled for this summer and we were delighted to sing along with the audience to hits me and the children enjoyed during long car journeys when they were young. My favourites remain Fall at your feet, Weather with you, and Four seasons in one day.

On the writing front, I’m delighted to share the news about a long listing for This Much Huxley Knows in the Dorchester Literary Festival writing prize 2022. The biannual competition invites submissions from those with a strong connection to the South West who are also self-published authors or with small presses. It’s such a thrill to be in the company of writing chums Ninette Harley, Bella Cassidy and Mary Bevan.

The weather in Edinburgh has been anything but summery and the cold east wind always makes the temperatures drop. But during rainy days, the upside is a rainbow.

View from our flat in Haugh Street

Sending all best wishes for your summer reading and writing.

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