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A sojourn in Prague

on April 1, 2023

I was pleased to spend a few days in Prague with my family at the end of March. The trip was originally planned for 2020 but postponed due to Covid. We stayed in a central location and wandered the cobbled streets until my feet cried for mercy. It was good travelling as a group because we each had different things we wanted to see. All set for a bit of endurance sightseeing, we tackled the Prague castle complex on the first day. Other highlights included watching the astronomical clock strike the hour, the view over Prague from the Petřín lookout tower, the Jewish quarter and photos in front of the Lennon wall.

Now I’m back at home, I’m finding it difficult to shoehorn writing into my routine as I’m preoccupied with the ill health of family members. On several days we’ve been on whirlwind tours of hospitals in the South-West including Barnstable, Exeter and Clevedon. It’s probably a good thing that an elderly aunt has moved into a care home but that presents another raft of responsibilities with the sale of her property to fund her stay. My mother-in-law remains in a cottage hospital while my sister is still undiagnosed after six weeks. I can’t fault the care offered by staff but the cogs of the NHS turn terribly slowly.

While I’m not actually doing much writing, I am making plans for the launch of The Secret Life of Carolyn Russell in July. There was a very helpful thread on Twitter from Dahlia Adler for authors who want to promote their books but have no idea how. If you’re in this boat, click here for some sound advice. Otherwise, as the holidays approach, I send you all best wishes.

2 responses to “A sojourn in Prague

  1. Jim Bates says:

    HI Gail! Thank you so much for doing all the traveling you do! I totally enjoy living vicariously through you and all the interesting places you journey to. Keep it going, my friend LOL!! 🙂

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