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Fine dining in Dorchester at Sienna

When our daughter returned home from university, she worked as restaurant manager at Sienna. Although she is now employed elsewhere, we continue to treat ourselves to a meal there on special occasions. However, with the new choice of reasonably priced tasting menus we may very well go more often. The restaurant has been spruced up with new, modern decor and Chef Marcus Wilcox creates wonderfully diverse dishes which use West Country produce.

Click on the photo to find out what we ate last night!

Sienna is well worth visiting. Tasting menus are available evenings, Tuesday to Saturday and lunchtimes, Wednesday to Saturday.



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Write it like a recipe, write it like a three course meal

As part of my work for the local authority, I am frequently invited into schools to observe pupils who are learning English as an additional language.  As an advisory teacher, joining a lesson is part of my job that I really enjoy and this week I was lucky to be present during an English and a history lesson.  It was a coincidence that both lessons required the pupils to write recipes. The English class were studying the three witches scene in Macbeth, and using the second witch’s speech as a model, they created their own cauldron recipes. In the history lesson, the students were learning about the plague and were asked to invent a potion to cure the disease.  As you can imagine, some gruesome recipes were produced but it did start me wondering about using food as a  stimulus  for writing a short story or a piece of flash fiction. 

In Dorchester we have a Michelin star restaurant called Sienna and it’s within walking distance from my house.  As a special treat I was taken there on Friday and I’ve inserted photos of my lunch for anyone who would like to take up the challenge of writing a story around a three course meal. 


Slow-cooked pork belly and apple terrine with sweet onion relish and crispy prosciutto.   

main course

Roast fillet of Cornish hake with bourguignon sauce and parsley dumplings.  


Saffron-poached pear with pistachio and marzipan cake, honeycomb ice cream.  

I needed an afternoon nap after that lot! Let me know how you get on if you decide to take up the three course challenge.