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BridLit Fringe

on October 25, 2018

I’m really chuffed to be sharing a few of my stories at the Bridlit Fringe alongside this talented group of local writers. If you’re in Bridport on the morning of Friday 16 November 2018, do drop into the Literary & Scientific Institute for a chance to hear a fantastic range of poetry and prose. Tickets are a bargain at only £5 and are available here.


I hope to see some of you in the audience!

3 responses to “BridLit Fringe

  1. jamescbates says:

    Have a GREAT time, Gail. I’d be joining you if I could 😀

  2. jamescbates says:

    Looks like fun, Gail. I’d be there if I could!

  3. I’ve got my ticket and am bringing a friend! Do you know what part of the LSI it’s in, Gail? I’m hoping it’s in the main café.

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