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One-to-one with the Dorset Growth Hub

on November 6, 2018


I’ve just had a one-to-one session with digital specialist David Allison from the Dorset Growth Hub. We met at the Duchess of Cornwall in Poundbury to discuss ways to enhance my use of social media for marketing purposes. As a result, I have now taken advantage of the additional facilities on this WordPress blog including use of the poll below. When you have a minute, can you give me some feedback?

If you’re based in Dorset and need help to gain skills and confidence to market your  work as a writer, it’s worth getting in touch with the Dorset Growth Hub, to see how they can help you.


4 responses to “One-to-one with the Dorset Growth Hub

  1. Ermmm… I don’t see the poll. What am I missing?

  2. It’s displaying in the app now (I was looking with the laptop before) but should there be checkboxes? I tried clicking and am not sure if I have voted. It’s giving me the option to vote again.

  3. I clicked through from your email again and the poll isn’t showing up for me online.

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