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Limitations and opportunities during the pandemic

on July 11, 2020

Last month I received the news that the Mani Lit Fest 2020 is cancelled. I had been excited about travelling to Greece in October to deliver a couple of workshops and some readings. Although the decision is totally understandable, it did come as a disappointment. But not any more. I understand the festival will be running in 2021 so that’s definitely something to look forward to.


Church in Chori where Bruce Chatwin’s ashes are buried

The Mani is a beautiful part of Greece and you can read about an earlier visit to writer Carol McGrath‘s house near the delightful seaside town of Stoupa here. Living through a pandemic has many limiting factors and prospects for overseas travel or indeed any sort of travel takes considerable planning. It seems that Coronvirus has the capacity to clip wings but it opens other opportunities. I’ve loved having more regular Zoom calls with friends in Australia, for example.

My husband took early retirement last month. Although the timing is not ideal, Coronavirus gave him time to reflect on whether the physical, emotional and intellectual daily investment in paid work was worthwhile. He is in the fortunate position to have membership of a local authority scheme so his pension is secure.  The decision wasn’t so hard after all and now he’s busy redesigning the garden and able to spend time playing golf and making jam.

So now it’s only me who is frantically busy but even I can see the situation easing towards the end of the year. By then, I hope we’ll be able to travel again and I’m adding more places I want to visit to a list. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the chance of a holiday all the more for having to wait. Just one of the silver linings to the lockdown restrictions of the pandemic.

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